Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Nightmare Legion

Painting up an oldhammer Regiment of Renown, The Nightmare Legion. I'm a slow painter, so it's slow going, but in the end I will have a full model count Revenants Legion. Eight down, 32 to go!

Plus shields.

This image will also be added to my progress tracking Google photos album.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Do Unto Others

The ritual to create a mummy from the ancestor's embalmed corpse, performed a few weeks prior, had caused a flicker of dark energies to emanate from the Vampire's castle. At the time the Vampire and the necromancer thought nothing of it, it was a slight pulse, and certainly of no consequence. Yet unbeknownst to them both the pulse was like a signal, and in far off lands it was received. The cursed high priest knew the echoes of the magics developed by his people, yet this was different, cast by an outsider...

The dust laden raiding force encroached into the edges of the Vampire's territory, eager to secure an advanced position from which to study those that dared attempt its rituals. The Vampire, for his part, knew he needed to push them out and extend the edges of his own realm, to gather ever more villages into tithe to his throne.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Knights in Shining Armour

The bats circled the tower, shrieking and flapping in their insidious way. To outsiders, it was just noise. To the Vampire Lord, the shrieks and flaps carried meaning: Knights on horses, pennants flapping, searching, searching.

This time the encounter would be no accident. The Vampire was prepared. He knew they'd be searching for more mystic items, artefacts, cursed objects and the like. And he wanted them. And he also wanted the knights dead.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Angel with the Scabbed Wings

The Vampire Lord's lithe form almost flowed like a shadow as he stepped down from his throne and strode across the room. He could sense them, the angels, the energies that coursed through them. Their power was anathema to his, and they were inside his domain.

He did not stop to question why they were here, or what they were doing. His mental commands echoed in the skulls of his lieutenants; prepare for war.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Forge Fires Burning

The vampire awoke in the coffin deep in the catacombs beneath his castle, his wounds still closing over from the defeat the night before. At least he assumes it was the night before; he couldn't really remember much aside from the flapping of leathery wings, the gouts of flame, and his legions crumbling before the blows of the abyssal dwarves. Focussing his mind on the battle just past, his eyes flared with anger as he recalled his elite ephemeral guard being engulfed in an explosion from one of the dwarf's infernal contraptions before they could even engage the enemy, and took little solace in the fact his revenant knights destroyed the other war machine before it could wreak similar havoc. He knew he had to gather more energies from the nodes of power he'd found, yet was unable. The mystic vortices seemed to be becoming more and more plentiful across the land, and yet more varied opponents emerge to vie for control, preventing the Vampire Lord from claiming the secrets within.

1500 points battle of my undead against Tim's Abyssal dwarves. Pillage scenario, 7 objectives. 5-1 loss for the undead, with heavy casualties. Great friendly opponent, fast moving game, good fun despite the obvious disparity in skill and experience.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Spires of Insanity

Among the cursed items salvaged from the battle against The Brotherhood was a map and an odd kind of token. Hewn of some sort of bone, to look upon it caused the brain to twist in unnatural ways. The Vampire Lord could sense the power within it. Akin to necromancy, yet born in some other place, it was certainly worth investigating. Ordering the necromancers to reanimate his depleted forces, he spread the map before him and planned his route.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dredging the Swamp

The Vampire Lord, furious at his defeat by the orcs, traversed the countryside back towards his castle in the deep of the forests. Some small villages were encountered along the way, and his sycophant necromancer underlings were more than happy to replenish his ranks. Unfortunately there were no trolls or great legendary warriors among the villages, so the zombie trolls and wights went unrenewed.

Friday, 6 November 2015

The Valley of Strife

The orcs and the undead crested opposite sides of the desolate valley at the same time. Rumours and portends had led them here, to the site of the abandoned, ancient, orc village. Nodes of power scattered around the landscape could be felt by the users of magic in each force. Six in total, both sides knew they must claim them and unlock their secrets. Neither side could afford to yield to the other. The bloodbath was about to begin...

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Still learning, too late into the evening.

Had my third game of Kings of War tonight. This one against Glen again, 1500 points of my Undead versus his Orcs. Rolled through the left flank thanks to some unlucky nerve tests from Glen (snake eyes! Werewolves live!). Solid progress through the middle thanks to flying wraith surge tricks and a zombie tar pit. Got bogged down on the right flank (revenant cavalry regiment versus orc axe horde). Finally my cavalry folded, the orc axes regrouped, werewolves fell apart, the zombies finally folded and the centre was about to become a bloodbath.... But then Luis (FLGS owner) pointed out how late it was and we had to pack it up since he'd close 15 minutes earlier. Such a great rule set. I'm really enjoying being back in the hobby. Stupid Revenants on foot did nothing all game again though. They even had a dog with them.... also doing nothing.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Early days - first few battles

Both games 1500 points or less, I think, with me playing Undead each time:
Orcs (Glen) - draw (points difference too close).
Basilean (Matt) - loss - near total annihilation of the undead.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Death of Angels

So here is the base work for my collecting, modelling and painting of an Undead army for Kings of War. The name "Death of Angels" is from a banner I painted as a kid for my Undead, and it's what I call my new army.

Full gallery of in-progress shots can be found on my google photos collection.