Thursday, 3 December 2015

Angel with the Scabbed Wings

The Vampire Lord's lithe form almost flowed like a shadow as he stepped down from his throne and strode across the room. He could sense them, the angels, the energies that coursed through them. Their power was anathema to his, and they were inside his domain.

He did not stop to question why they were here, or what they were doing. His mental commands echoed in the skulls of his lieutenants; prepare for war.

The last few weeks had been productive for the forces of undeath. His foul agents had scoured the region's "markets", back alleys and basements where vile things were swapped and sold. Troll corpses, werewolf bodies slain in inhuman form, and other things integral to the black arts were procured and brought back to his castle. There the necromancers performed the bloody rituals required to infuse false life back into the flesh, and swell his forces with exotic creatures once more. One of his more adventurous necromancers even returned with a book dating back to ancient Ophidia, and from it raised one of the Vampire's entombed and embalmed ancestors into a form of unlife unseen previously by the Vampire. The ancestor strode forth from his sepulchre, wrapped in bandages; a mummy. His innate mystic connection to the lesser undead as well as his near indestructibility would prove pivotal in the coming engagement.

They met in a wrinkled part of the countryside, spires of rock thrusting from the ground like the Green Lady's broken ribs. Holding back from the right flank, under cover of one of the stone ribs, the zombies formed a defensive wall. On the left flank, the revenant cavalry charged forward with fury, ploughing into the startled forces of Basilea and breaking the first unit encountered. From there, the Basileans were fighting to hold their force together, and to manoeuvre some Elohi from the denied flank back into the battle. But they arrived too late, and the brutal follow up to the revenant charge, wights surging across the battlefield, broke the centre of the angel-blessed army. The day was won, and the Vampire Lord took a grim satisfaction in the destruction of his ancient foe.

2000 points undead vs Basileans (Matt). Kill scenario. Can't remember the final score, but was a decisive win to the undead.

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