Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Knights in Shining Armour

The bats circled the tower, shrieking and flapping in their insidious way. To outsiders, it was just noise. To the Vampire Lord, the shrieks and flaps carried meaning: Knights on horses, pennants flapping, searching, searching.

This time the encounter would be no accident. The Vampire was prepared. He knew they'd be searching for more mystic items, artefacts, cursed objects and the like. And he wanted them. And he also wanted the knights dead.

The Knights, too, knew what they searched for. It was not just the items, buried in the ancient battlefields. It was the evil that strode the land; dead men walking, monsters lurching, spirits of the deceased screeching. They must be stopped, they must be buried once more.

As the forces engaged, the Brotherhood leapt forward, bringing their mounts swiftly closer to the ranks of the dead. The options seemed bleak, so the Vampire Lord sent his revenant cavalry into the right flank. If he could crush the mounted scouts in one charge, he would be well positioned to mire the pegasus mounted knights supporting the flank in a grind of attrition. To his frustration though, the Green Knight riding behind the scouts inspired them to heights of bravery that the Vampire did not anticipate, and they held firm. As the swirl of melee held up his own undead knights, the pegasi swept in to the side of the revenant's formation, catching them unprepared. The right flank was lost.

Over on the left flank, his werewolves and wraiths bounded and shimmered towards the enemy while his wights held back to guard the location of a buried item. Again, a quick crush here would secure the flank, yet it was not to be. Less disastrous than the right flank, it still took too long to break them and the undead casualties were too heavy. The centre of the field was a painful grind also, and at the end of the battle the mighty charges of the Brotherhood cavalry proved too much.

Two of the buried artefacts were secured by the undead as night fell, while two more were taken by the Brotherhood. Yet the casualties the undead took were not insignificant, and this encounter could not be considered a success. Perhaps the enemy were getting too used to his force and his tactics? Perhaps a new breed of evil would need to be brought forth. He had heard stories from the edges of the world. Entire clans of vampires gathered together on nightmare steeds, to ride out as one and crush their foes...

2000 points undead vs Brotherhood (Matt). Kill and Pillage with 6 objectives. Brotherhood victory, 2 objectives each but undead slaughtered.

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