Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Do Unto Others

The ritual to create a mummy from the ancestor's embalmed corpse, performed a few weeks prior, had caused a flicker of dark energies to emanate from the Vampire's castle. At the time the Vampire and the necromancer thought nothing of it, it was a slight pulse, and certainly of no consequence. Yet unbeknownst to them both the pulse was like a signal, and in far off lands it was received. The cursed high priest knew the echoes of the magics developed by his people, yet this was different, cast by an outsider...

The dust laden raiding force encroached into the edges of the Vampire's territory, eager to secure an advanced position from which to study those that dared attempt its rituals. The Vampire, for his part, knew he needed to push them out and extend the edges of his own realm, to gather ever more villages into tithe to his throne.

The two opposing lines stretched across the wooded plain, the silence of the deathly troops eerie in the context of war. The Vampire was impatient, and urged his minions forth to engage. Arrows flew from both sides and arrows fell. Some hitting their mark, others bouncing from armour or falling through the gaps in their target's bony structures. Revenants clashed with revenants, chariots rattled forth, and all manner of creatures traded blows. Energies were harnessed and foul winds blew, pushing against the Vampire's Wights. The cursed high priest incanted unintelligible syllables, and the Vampire himself was struck with a burning sand storm. His unnatural skin protected him, however, with only minor injuries, and he leapt forward with the rest of his forces. Pushing harder, they drove the cursed high priest's formations back. This battle was going in the Vampire's favour, one of few in recent months, and he rejoiced. Things could only be sweeter if his enemy actually had blood to feast upon. The cursed priest looked upon the desolation and rethought his strategy. Perhaps a forward position was not the best way to assess his foe. As if on queue, a psychic call rung in his mind: his Pharaoh was summoning him home. He gathered what forces were left and retreated from the fray. At least he knew now what manner of foe had stolen his people's magics. They would pay some day; he had all of eternity to plan.

2000 points undead vs Empire of Dust (Andrew). Invade scenario. Abandoned 5 turns in due to real life dragging Andrew reluctantly away, with my Undead in a significantly stronger position (most of my army in opponents half, with only a single troop of Andrew's in my half).

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