Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Forge Fires Burning

The vampire awoke in the coffin deep in the catacombs beneath his castle, his wounds still closing over from the defeat the night before. At least he assumes it was the night before; he couldn't really remember much aside from the flapping of leathery wings, the gouts of flame, and his legions crumbling before the blows of the abyssal dwarves. Focussing his mind on the battle just past, his eyes flared with anger as he recalled his elite ephemeral guard being engulfed in an explosion from one of the dwarf's infernal contraptions before they could even engage the enemy, and took little solace in the fact his revenant knights destroyed the other war machine before it could wreak similar havoc. He knew he had to gather more energies from the nodes of power he'd found, yet was unable. The mystic vortices seemed to be becoming more and more plentiful across the land, and yet more varied opponents emerge to vie for control, preventing the Vampire Lord from claiming the secrets within.

1500 points battle of my undead against Tim's Abyssal dwarves. Pillage scenario, 7 objectives. 5-1 loss for the undead, with heavy casualties. Great friendly opponent, fast moving game, good fun despite the obvious disparity in skill and experience.

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