Monday, 16 November 2015

Spires of Insanity

Among the cursed items salvaged from the battle against The Brotherhood was a map and an odd kind of token. Hewn of some sort of bone, to look upon it caused the brain to twist in unnatural ways. The Vampire Lord could sense the power within it. Akin to necromancy, yet born in some other place, it was certainly worth investigating. Ordering the necromancers to reanimate his depleted forces, he spread the map before him and planned his route.

The journey took the undead army to a desolate plain, spotted with sickly trees and a slow churning swamp. Thrust from the centre was a pillar or pillars of stone, twisting up, or together, the eyes could not discern. Upon beholding it the Vampire Lord felt the same strange energies as with the token. Holding it in his chill fist he could see odd burnt patches in reality, invisible before he clutched the token. At once he sent his minions out to investigate.

What he was unaware of though was that this place was sacred to the Varangur, and their forces set forth to repel the invaders.

As the battle wound down with the undead defeated, the Vampire dispersed as mist into the night. He thought about this new foe and what it might take to defeat it. He recalled the embalmed ancestors buried in the tombs beneath his castle, and how the power within the token might be combined with his necromancers' powers and used to bring a special kind of unlife back to the wrapped corpses.

Undead vs Varangur. 1500 points. Kill and Pillage with 5 objectives. Matt won, can't recall exact score but it was about 1100 to 900.
MVP by unanimous decision: Balefire catapult that took 23 wounds from a King on Chimera, which then rolled snake eyes on the rout roll. Flanked by some revenant cavalry the King needed to divert his wrath, and later the catapult went on to wipe out the unit of Sons of Korgaan that had defeated the Vampire.

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