Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dredging the Swamp

The Vampire Lord, furious at his defeat by the orcs, traversed the countryside back towards his castle in the deep of the forests. Some small villages were encountered along the way, and his sycophant necromancer underlings were more than happy to replenish his ranks. Unfortunately there were no trolls or great legendary warriors among the villages, so the zombie trolls and wights went unrenewed.

One village they passed attempted to put up resistance, even going so far as to threaten the Vampire Lord with retribution from a nearby Brotherhood army. They were questing for some cursed items to cleanse from the land, and the village elder boasted of how once they were finished over in those foothills near the swamp they'd be coming back through the village, and the Vampire Lord would be punished.

The Vampire Lord was intrigued by what these cursed items may be, and with a few extra zombies in tow, including a particularly elderly looking one, he headed towards the swamp.

1500 points of Undead vs Brotherhood (Matt). Loot scenario (claim the three items and hold them at the end or get them off the board).
6 turns, 7th turn didn't get rolled up. 1-all draw, third item unclaimed.

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