Friday, 6 November 2015

The Valley of Strife

The orcs and the undead crested opposite sides of the desolate valley at the same time. Rumours and portends had led them here, to the site of the abandoned, ancient, orc village. Nodes of power scattered around the landscape could be felt by the users of magic in each force. Six in total, both sides knew they must claim them and unlock their secrets. Neither side could afford to yield to the other. The bloodbath was about to begin...

Hours later the orc godspeaker now had access to the nodes of power, and the augmentation they'd provide to his already impressive fireballs would decimate the remaining animated corpses. The only choice the Vampire had was to flee with what forces he could salvage.

2000 points of my undead against Glen's orcs again. Pillage scenario with 6 objectives. While I had a steady grind through the left flank, I really needed a fast punch through. The rest of my line fell apart and by the time the left flank folded it was too late. Also we play too slowly. 5 turns a side before Luis kicked us out again. 5 objectives for Glen's orcs versus merely one for my undead. A sad loss for the Vampire Lord, despite him and his werewolf retinue holding fast on that left flank. 

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