Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Still learning, too late into the evening.

Had my third game of Kings of War tonight. This one against Glen again, 1500 points of my Undead versus his Orcs. Rolled through the left flank thanks to some unlucky nerve tests from Glen (snake eyes! Werewolves live!). Solid progress through the middle thanks to flying wraith surge tricks and a zombie tar pit. Got bogged down on the right flank (revenant cavalry regiment versus orc axe horde). Finally my cavalry folded, the orc axes regrouped, werewolves fell apart, the zombies finally folded and the centre was about to become a bloodbath.... But then Luis (FLGS owner) pointed out how late it was and we had to pack it up since he'd close 15 minutes earlier. Such a great rule set. I'm really enjoying being back in the hobby. Stupid Revenants on foot did nothing all game again though. They even had a dog with them.... also doing nothing.

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