Monday, 17 October 2016

Obsidian Doom

The reach of the abyss grew longer and harsher as the aura of the blessed touch faded from the town of Angelfall over the centuries. Once more it was the dwarves that marched, bringing their obsidian creations with them to bring wrack and ruin to all in their path. Still sore from his previous encounter with the twisted reflections of the proud dwarf nations, the Vampire Lord leapt at the opportunity to bring them low. A different general lead this horde, but the destruction of his troops would be no less sweet.

The rage in the Vampire Lord's heart pulsed red and fast, and he bid his two greatest servants, Shadow Stalker and Lord Charnel, take an army to the abyssal dwarves and tear them asunder. 

The abyssal dwarves were not surprised to meet resistance, they knew the Vampire Lord claimed this region as his own. The arrows from the skeleton archers bounced harmlessly off armour, and the crew of the screaming skull catapult focused incessantly on the great obsidian golems stalking the rear of the foul dwarven lines.

Lord Charnel, mounted upon the rotting dragon Plague Wind, circled the field, taking the measure of the walking towers of fire and stone.

The hideous centaur-like beasts strode past, storming in to the undead flank.

Bats flitting about the sky above the field let the Vampire Lord watch the battle unfold.

Akran the Bleak, cursed pharaoh, stepped in himself to assault the dwarves directly, as the zombie horde brought more violence from the side.

On the right flank the wraiths had drifted too far out from the undead line, leaving them to face a burning goliath alone.

The werewolves rushed in to support them, bringing the monster down. But the centre had fallen and the wights were not going to do well alone against two hordes of the lesser obsidian creatures.

Again the wraiths engage from the front, neglecting their role of manoeuvring around the enemy to threaten their sides.

The zombie trolls and zombie werewolves simultaneously take on a dwarven regiment.

The Nightmare Legion of revenants engage some other dwarves, their zombie dog biting at the heels of the short opponents.

The greater obsidian golem looms in the background, Lord Charnel nowhere to be seen.

Halfbreeds make short work of the skeletal archers.

Failing to destroy the dwarves on the right flank, first the zombie trolls, then the zombie werewolves are overrun by the halfbreeds.

As the dust settles the majority of dead flesh is inanimate, and the undead are vanquished.

Kill scenario of my undead against Cristo's Abyssal Dwarves. Undead lost by a fair bit (not sure if we bothered to count it up). Another great opponent, and another fun game. I focused too much on the greater obsidians when I should have been clearing out the other units. Then I could have combined attacks against the greater obsidians later in the game. As it was, Christo kept out manoeuvring me and getting combined changes against my units instead. This games was played at a game store called 3D6 in Canberra, Australia.


  1. Thanks a lot for another great chapter in your rich story line! I am looking forward to reading new installments!

  2. The next few might be a bit rushed as I'm getting a bit back logged... But I'll try to do them justice...