Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ancient Markers of the Dead

Back in the earliest days of Mantica the religions known today were merely crude deferences to the unknown powers. Yet even still, those ancient tribes revered the dead, and sought to honour the passing of their mighty fallen. As civilisations grew so too did the sophistication of their burial rites, yet ever present was a solemn acknowledgement that this life was not the end.

Necromancers today seek out these ancient markers of the dead, places where forgotten clans raised rough hewn monuments celebrating the feats of their heroes. The dark arts of meddling with the afterlife are full of convoluted rules and rituals, where with decades of study but a fraction of the discipline can be learned. Yet one thing all apprentice necromancers know: those ancient markers hold power, and that power can be taken.

One of the game scenarios in Kings of War is called Pillage, where D3+4 objective counters get placed around the table and points won for whatever side has units near each of them at the end of the game. I like to think of these objectives as places of power being sought out by the Vampire Lord and his minions to extract the foul energies within, with the opponent seeking to thwart the Vampire Lord by destroying them or taking their energy for themselves (depending on the opposing army!).

The stone totems were from a xmas sale from Ainsty Castings (UK). Cast in resin, I also bought some resin coffins at the same time which will be used as Loot counters for the Kings of War scenario of the same name. The more classic looking tomb stones were just off the sprues from the Games Workshop plastic zombie boxed set they have been selling for years.

Craft store grey paint was used as the base colour (mid-grey), splash of Nuln Oil over the top, and a touch of drybrushing with the grey again where needed to make them pop. Green bases with static grass finished them off. I'll give them a coat of matte varnish to help them resist wear.

In the background you might notice a zombie dog running past. That is a figure from an expansion for the board game Zombicide, and I am using them as markers for the Undead Giant Rats (Dogs?) optional upgrade for Zombie and Revenant units.

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