Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dwarven Wight

After the night's rituals drew to a close, and the morning sun crested the horizon, the Vampire Lord's latest minion arose. Another Wight, yet this time the grand hero whose corpse was defiled and raised into undeath was not a knight of the Brotherhood or a champion of Basilea, but a mighty dwarven adventurer, lost to the evils of a dungeon, fallen as he undertook the Dwarf King's Quest.

This guy is a reaper bones 'male revenant'. A quick snip with some clippers removed his zomby-ish head, and a bit of super glue attached a plastic skull I had lying around since the early 1990's from Games Workshop's Skeleton Army Boxed Set. As I'm trying to keep my momentum up, I'm trying to keep the paint schemes to fairly simple two-step processes where possible. This brings my wight count up to six, enough for a Horde. In a later post I'll do a Unit Showcase of the whole Horde together, and explain the paint scheme.

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