Sunday, 20 August 2017

Unit showcase - Cursed Pharaoh

In life, Akran was a great student and even greater teacher. His keen intellect and voracious appetite for study had seen him accrue a wealth of information from all the various sub-schools of necromancy taught across the Ahmunite empire. Of course the assessment of his ability was his own, but his charisma and penchant for self promotion had others believing in his greatness. He was quite sought after for his special lecture series in the elitist of dark magic covens. For a fee, of course. Akran the Bright was the title spread across the flyers advertising his engagements, and he lived his life shining in the comforts that fame and wealth bring. Mannerisms and raiment he borrowed from the noble classes, and presented himself as a sort of pseudo pharaoh: regal and glowing.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Balancing Kings of War

Whenever the topic of balance comes up in Facebook's Kings of War Fanatics group, the general consensus is that Kings of War is actually fairly well balanced. No one really claims it is perfectly balanced, and very few people claim that it is broken.

But what do people mean by this? Everyone probably has slightly different definitions, but for me a system is balanced when the power curve relative to the points costs is fairly consistent. That is, if you plot power against points, you will get the units clustered fairly close to a line. This line might be a straight line, or a curve, or a wiggle, but the units tend to stick fairly close to it.