Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Progress of 2016 - a summary of my army collecting and painting efforts

For 2016 I had set out to collect, assemble, and paint one of every unit entry listing for the Undead list in the Kings of War rulebook. Once that was done, I felt I was free to move on to refreshing my ancient Orc and Goblin collection for use in Kings of War, too.

So how did I do with the Undead? Read on, dear friend, read on.....

Monday, 12 December 2016

Korgaan's Fury

Korgaan's favoured sons ranked up, their weapons glinting in the frosty early morning sunlight. While winter, the day looked to be clear and bright, and the faint puffs of condensation from their breath wafting out of their helmets gave them the look of infernal beasts. A not unfitting appearance.

They weren't here for the Vampire and his territory. They were instead a raiding force, scouting ahead of their main forces, looking for signs of the abyss, to once more plot a Reckoning. To find out if, indeed, the Wicked Ones needed to be Reckoned with. Yet scouting forward they decided that a certain patch of land, the abandoned ruins of a barely settled village, would make a good staging point. But this village was within the Vampire Lord's domain, and no such stake to his kingdom would he allow.